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Join author, motivational speaker, and senior minister James Parker on a journey to unparalleled abundance and success.

He offers transformative exercises, profound insight and tools to help you unleash the power from within.


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“The Wealth Spark reminds us that while there are many measures of success, the true measurement of Real success is how well calibrated we are to the vibration of our inner being, our God-self, our Divine Mind.

The principles and practices of a prosperous mindset and heart-set as outlined in this book will start you firmly on the path to stepping into your greater-yet-to-be. Take it in and be abundantly blessed.

- Michael Bernard Beckwith, Founder & Spiritual Director of Agape Spiritual Center

Ignite Your Path to Unparalleled Abundance & Success with The Wealth Spark Book!

Chapter 1:
Adopting a Wealth Mindset

Delve deep into the core of prosperity-driven thinking, challenging age-old beliefs and kindling the flame to limitless abundance. With transformative…

Chapter 2:
Habits of Successful People

In Chapter II, step into the world of the exceptional, where success isn’t just dreamed but crafted. With insights, tools, and transformative habits, this chapter..

Chapter 3:
The Power of Visualization and Affirmations

Discover the transformative might of visualization and affirmations. Master these tools and ignite a journey..

Chapter 4:
Action: Attaining Abundance and Success

Just as a boat requires rowing to meet the shore, our dreams of wealth and prosperity hinge upon consistent..

Chapter 5:
Living a Life of Abundance and Success

Unearth the profound power of gratitude, a positive mindset, and the joy of giving in sculpting a life that radiates abundance beyond just material wealth. From self-care to serving others, this chapter reveals the holistic approach to crafting a life teeming with purpose, joy, and unparalleled success.

Chapter 6:
Bringing It All Together

Chapter VI masterfully weaves the transformative strategies and insights from “The Wealth Spark” into a cohesive blueprint for abundance and success..

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Buckle up! This chapter takes you on an enlightening journey into the realms of the mind, illuminating the path to the prosperity you desire in your life. It serves as a treasure map, where the wealth mindset is the X that marks the spot. Here, you will navigate through the stark contrasts between this prosperous outlook and the confining mindset of scarcity, unearthing the psychological, emotional, and spiritual barriers that may have held you back.

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