James Parker

Author | Senior Minister | Motivational Speaker | Life Coach

Rev. James Parker, an ordained Unity minister and the senior minister of Unity Chicago,has been at the helm of executive church management for over twenty years. As a renowned agent of transformation, his inspirational leadership and dynamic public speaking skills have fostered a culture of shared values, ethics, and diversity, advancing organizational objectives.

Rev. Parker’s expertise spans a wide range of areas, from strategic planning and staff management to communications and special projects. A visionary, he is adept at charting comprehensive strategic plans, fostering key partnerships, and coordinating initiatives that lead to the operational growth and well-being of the church. As an administrative leader, he excels in building relationships and implementing church policy, ensuring a seamless operational flow.

An accomplished business professional, Rev. Parker has extended his influence beyond the pulpit to the realms of retail, hospitality, and government contracting. He has also held the role of president and CEO of a business consulting firm, where he honed his skills in strategic planning, business development, staff training, and financial management.

A lifelong learner and teacher, Rev. Parker holds a bachelor of arts degree in liberal arts with minors in communications and marketing. He completed his theological training at Unity Institute and Seminary, Unity Urban Ministerial School, and Unity School of Christianity. His educational background has given him a solid foundation for teaching various subjects, including spiritual enrichment, metaphysics, Bible interpretation, prosperity principles, prayer, and Christian healing.

Aside from his official duties, Rev. Parker’s dedication extends to volunteer activities like serving on the Board of Trustees at Unity World Headquarters, contributing to local hospitals and libraries, and fundraising for The United Way.

Because Parker was endowed with a profound spiritual intellect, his literary interests include writing and reading across genres, with a special focus on self-help, spiritual development, nonfiction, and poetry. An ardent devotee of lifelong learning, his other passions include golf, swimming, running, ministering, chaplaincy, pastoral counseling, life coaching, and music.

Rev. James Parker brings all this rich experience and wisdom to the pages of The Wealth Spark, aiming to empower readers to unlock their potential and create abundant, fulfilling lives.

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