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Join author, motivational speaker, and senior minister James Parker on a journey to unparalleled abundance and success.

He offers transformative exercises, profound insight and tools to help you unleash the power from within.


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“The Wealth Spark reminds us that while there are many measures of success, the true measurement of Real success is how well calibrated we are to the vibration of our inner being, our God-self, our Divine Mind.

The principles and practices of a prosperous mindset and heart-set as outlined in this book will start you firmly on the path to stepping into your greater-yet-to-be. Take it in and be abundantly blessed.

- Michael Bernard Beckwith, Founder & Spiritual Director of Agape Spiritual Center


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The Wealth Spark is for those who dream bigger, work harder, and seek the true essence of holistic wealth. 
This book will empower you with:



A Fresh Mindset: Shift from limitations to endless possibilities in wealth creation.



Dynamic Habits for Achieving Success: Adopt routines that pave the way for continued growth.



The Mastery of Visualization: Techniques to turn your deepest desires into substantial outcomes.



Steps Toward Holistic Wealth: A comprehensive guide to financial, spiritual, and relational success.



The Power to Live with Purpose: You will learn to embrace gratitude, cultivate positivity, and experience the profound impact of giving.


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Meet James Parker

Author | Senior Minister | Motivational Speaker | Life Coach

Rev. James Parker is the senior minister and CEO of Unity Chicago, Illinois. James has an extensive entrepreneurial and leadership background across multiple industries, including telecommunications, construction, real estate, and business consulting and development, as well as restaurant and hospitality.

A respected leader and inspirational change-maker, Rev. James Parker elegantly interweaves profound spiritual insights with practical financial wisdom, inviting readers of his new book, The Wealth Spark, to embark on a transformative journey toward abundant living and enlightened prosperity.

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